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Commissioning Training Center

A suite of classes to turn you into an amazing commissioning engineer or commissioning manager.
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"The 9 Key Elements of Successful Plant Commissioning".
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The 9 Key Elements of Successful Plant Commissioning
(Free Training)

Planning, mechanical completion, P&ID checking, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, initial operation, performance testing & post commissioning.

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Commissioning Strategies, Tactics & Task Tools
(Included in Premium Training Packages)

Get the "big picture" on how to commission a plant and in-depth knowledge on equipment level as well.

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Commissioning Checklists, Procedures & Manuals
(Included in Premium Training Packages)

Download example checklists, procedures and even a complete pre-commissioning manual - everything in Word or Excel format.

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Organizational Charts & Job Descriptions
(Included in Premium Training Packages)

You will get example organizational charts for your entire commissioning team and job descriptions for commissioning engineers and commissioning managers.

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Commissioning & Safety

(Included in Premium Training Packages)

Safety - the most important thing when you commission an industrial plant. This training you will remember for your whole life - guaranteed.

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Communication, Motivation & Leadership
(Included in Premium Training Packages)

Do you know the difference between a manager and a leader? Do you know the surprising truth about what motivates us? We will answer these questions and many more.

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Participate at the online commissioning training on any device - anytime

You can access the online commissioning training from any device at any time. You just need an internet connection.

All commissioning checklists, commissioning procedures and commissioning manuals you can download to your own computer or device.

The online commissioning training content gets updates on an ongoing basis - with no extra costs.

Online Commissioning Training & Charity

5 % of the commissioning training fee will be donated to charity: water to help to make this world a better place.

charity: water is a non-profit organization on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet.

In 2014 Commissioning Coaching Consulting, Inc. donated USD 6,000 to charity: water. It has been used to sponsor an entire water project in Tigray, Ethiopia.

Let's continue this great success!

"I would recommend that for anyone coming into Commissioning, or for anyone that has been in the business for some time but feels they need to make themselves more aware of the modern techniques that are being used Completions and Commissioning Management and Engineering, this course will help considerably. I know of no other Company that can solely offer this training."

Tony Davies
Commissioning Consultant / qedi / UK

"Looking for relevant information about commissioning, I found your site and the call for the online training commissioning. Taking this training was the best decision I made."

Rodolfo Silverio
Sr. Mechanical Engineer, PhD / Petrobras / Brazil

"And I need to repeat that I can see Thomas is continuously working to update this training hub and to add more value to it by new subjects, new training materials and also by diversity and using lessons learned from other industry experts and professionals."

Roozbeh Parhizkar

"First of all I am glad with this excellent training course online. The truth is that I learnt more than I was expecting. Today I have good knowledge about Precommissioning, Commissioning and Start-Up."

Jaime Grisales

"Should the Clients, Management, Contractors and Vendors embrace the knowledge imparted in your website, there would be great improvement in project completion and could prevent delay in completion and delivery of projects, save cost and probably safe lives."

Ricces Calinao
Planning Engineer / Dana Petroleum Limited / China

"Thanks for making education in commissioning become so accessible and flexible at a very reasonable price. The material course covers wide spectrum of the subject and I had leveraged my level of knowledge in this subject even though I had been in this area for 3 years now. I want to thank you for having such motivation to share and make this a success in educating those who are in needs and interested. Hope to exchange knowledge with you in the future. It is not just a course/knowledge but a friendship."

Andrew Chung

Are you ready for the next big step in your career?

Find out more about our Premium Online Commissioning Training. You can choose between four different Online Commissioning Training packages: Pro, Advanced, VIP and VIP+.

Commissioning Checklists & Commissioning Procedures for Your Commissioning Library

You don't want to join the training - but you need commissioning checklists or procedures?

Check out our 'stand alone products' below.

13 Pre-Commissioning Checklists

• Agitator
• Blower
• Column
• Column (packed)
• Drum / Vessel
• Fan (air cooled FD)
• Filter (sand)
• Heater (fired)
• Pump (proportional, metering, reciprocating)
• Pump (centrifugal)
• Reactor
• Tank
• Turbine (steam)

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7 Pre-Commissioning Procedures

Are you looking for a way to save time and energy when creating Pre-Commissioning Procedures for your power plant, chemical plant, petrochemical plant or refinery?

Do you have to develop an Air Tightness Test Procedure or Water Flushing Procedure for the Pre-Commissioning phase of your plant?

Do you want to download seven different Pre-Commissioning Procedures in MS Word format within the next two minutes?

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PSSR Checklist & Terms of Reference

Are you looking for a way to save time and energy preparing and conducting your PSSR (Pre-Startup Safety Review) for your power plant, chemical plant, petrochemical plant, or refinery?

Do you have to develop the list of questions for your PSSR?

Do you want to be sure to cover all areas - like safety systems, process piping, electrical & instrumentation, and the environment - of your plant for the PSSR?

Do you want to download the PSSR Checklist & Terms of Reference in MS Word format within the next two minutes?

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PS: Swiss Commissioning GmbH in Switzerland offers Commissioning Training in German language.


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